Pasco Iron & Metal is a full service recycling firm that services Central and West Central Florida. We are a proud and active member of ISRI, The institute of the Scrap Recycling Industry and Florida Recycling Association.


Core Values: Pasco Iron and Metal promotes principles and core values that improve productivity and culture within the workplace and also foster long lasting, mutually beneficial, and honest business relationships. These values include:


Efficiency and Teamwork—The key to our success and, in turn, that of our customers

Superior Service—Delivered through innovation and security

Responsible Stewardship of the Earth—Through our unique position in our customers’ supply chain

Creativity and Innovation—To align our services with our customers’ challenges and sustainability goals

Trust, Respect, Reliability and Accountability- The basis for our strong customer and employee relationships


Our Commitment to Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability focuses on nature, economics, well-being, and good corporate citizenship. As a recycler, we play an important role in the supply chain of our customers, and by design, are responsible stewards of the Earth. This is reflected in our approach towards our employees, our community and our customers’ sustainability goals.



Matthew Goldman, founder of Pasco Iron & Metal, began working in the metal recycling industry at his family’s business after graduating from the University of South Florida in 1995 with a degree in economics and business management.  He founded Pasco Iron Metal on the principles of trust and respect for his customers, employees and the natural environment. Matthew is one of the few metal and waste recyclers with on-site ownership, allowing great flexibility in creating innovative solutions for customers’ unique challenges. Matthew and his management team have over 80 years of experience in metal and waste recycling.


Facility/Dispatch Manager


James (Jimbo) Jennings, is a Florida native born and raised in Tampa. In 1994 he took a position at a large local scrap metal recycling facility where he learned both the ferrous and non-ferrous sides of the industry. During this period of time Jimbo developed a passion for the recycling industry and devoted himself to learn everything he could about the business. In 2010 Jimbo joined the Pasco Iron & Metal (PIM) family acting as Facility Manager and Operations Manager. He oversees all aspects of the PIM’s daily operations including all the processing of all the ferrous and non-ferrous material, the rail transportation facility, equipment maintenance department and schedule, transportation scheduling and business development where he also has extensive knowledge. Jimbo is an avid outdoorsman and loves coaching special needs children in his spare time.

Office Manager


Karen Treadway, began working in the metal recycling industry when she joined the Pasco Iron & Metal family in 2010. As the business has grown, Karen’s responsibilities have also grown, ranging from cashier to Purchasing Manager and Administrative Assistant to Mr. Goldman. Hailing from Texas and being married for the past twenty five years to a former Air Force veteran, Karen has had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the world, experiencing the rich customs and diversity each culture had to offer. Moving so often, and meeting so many different types of people, has given her the ability to deal with change easily, which in the ever changing world that is scrap metal, has proven to be invaluable. Karen is bilingual and is deeply involved in many local charities.

Marketing Manager/Buyer


Phillip Corcoran, Phillip was raised in South West Florida and moved to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Microbiology. Although Phillip earned a science degree, Marketing was always his passion and took a position in business Development for a Tampa Bay Area Technology Firm. After several years of success he started a real estate business while taking the reins of his family’s residential painting firm. In 2009 Phillip took a position at Pasco Iron & Metal (PIM) as Marketing and Business Development Manager, devoting his time to marketing and growing PIM into one of the most successful Industrial Recycling Firms in the Tampa Bay Area. Phillip is seeking a higher education in the field of Sustainability, is spearheading the drive for PIM to become R2/RIOS Certified, spent over 2 years on the Board of Keep Pasco Beautiful and is an avid golfer and outdoorsman.

Dan Meunier – Senior Buyer


Dan joined Pasco Iron & Metal in 2011. He has over 25 years experience working in the scrap metal industry in the Tampa Bay Market. He has worked for the Goldman family for most of that time. Dan is extremely knowledgeable in commercial scrap metal recycling and has designed numerous recycling systems for customers vastly increasing their productivity. Dan is also an expert in Sustainability and designing comprehensive recycling programs. Dan’s versatility and wealth of knowledge and experience is proving priceless to Pasco Iron & Metal.

Steve Burnstein – Broker/Trader – VP Sales & Marketing


Steve joined PIM’s Brokerage Arm Green Tree Recycling in March of 2013. Steve hails from the North East where he grew up working for his family’s scrap metal businesses. For the past 20 years, Steve has worked for various large scrap metal brokerage firms and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Steve now sells all the nonferrous scrap metal for all our locations as well as outside brokerage sales.

Stacy Klay – Logistics Manager


Stacy worked for the Goldman family businesses for the past 10 years. His vast experiences in traffic management, transportation analysis and fulfillment and logistics has suited him well and made him an invaluable asset to Green Tree Recycling and Pasco Iron & Metal.

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